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Another year gone, with some significant changes in my crafting life — quite different from my usual ‘here’s what I made’ posts.

In the first few days of 2016, I blocked and posted my Cusp and was delighted when it was featured on the  first page of Ravelry! What a happy beginning to the year!

A couple of months later, I did a thorough cull of all my handknits, looking at them as garments  and not things I had made. I sorted through heavyweights, lightweights and accessories. To my amazement, I felt no pang in giving them away — I had such a strong need for a clutter-free life, where everything was useful or beautiful, that anything that couldn’t stand up to that scrutiny had to go, and it was a pleasure to see them go.

(ETA: I realised that readers like feedly are turning this picture heavy post into a horrible patchwork of images! Please click through to the actual website for a better reading experience — I’m trying to find ways to solve this problem)

This process (along with notes made while travelling) also helped me identify severe gaps in my wardrobe, and with a new sense of purpose I started filling them quickly. And I’m so glad I did! I’ve written a couple of more detailed posts showing my newly made lightweights and socks; so here I’ll stick to pretty pictures:


There was also time for a couple of gifts (Baable sleep sack and Annis silk scarf):

And a pretty stash-buster just for me (Selbu Modern):


In other significant events, I started writing patterns! The Chevron socks pattern was a quick one, just to see how the testing process works. The Trika pullover is being tested as we speak; expect a release early next year!

Finally, WIPs and Ideas!

I really must finish these: a lace pullover with a hybrid raglan neck; an abandoned colourwork tunic; and perhaps make a few more hexagons of the never-ending (because forever abandoned!) skirt.

And then I’m thinking of Fennec in black cotton, converted into a simple cap-sleeved top.


Mustn’t forget sewing in the cabling orgy.

I made a moulage, and used it to try out various styles. So very happy with these Craftsy lessons!

And I made another Muse Natalie and a Wren. Decently pleased with both.

And finally, I started logging outfits where I’ve used me-made garments. I’ve only got a couple of trips up now, but as I log usage over time, I hope to have a more comprehensive data set on how each is being used, and was it worth making or not!

Thank you for reading my blog, and wishing you a lovely new year, where your dreams come true!

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