The last ten days, I managed to finish another sweater. I know! What it is to knit with worsted weight yarn! It was the Dusseldorf Aran, and of course there were mods. Let us honour tradition by starting with a pattern analysis.


– Those cables.
– The long vertical lines formed by the cables.
– The intriguing sleeve cuff: two i-cords appear to emerge from the cables, out of the plane of the sweater, and are then tied into a bow.

– The seed stitch hems and cuffs.
– The puffy, pleated cuffs – too bulky.
– The scoop neck. I am usually a lover of scoop necks, but decided to prolong the lives of the cables a  little longer.

I generated a relaxed fit pullover with CustomFit, because I intend to wear this over other layers. The hems were easy, I swapped in a tubular CO of k2p2 ribbing for four rows, then increased by 10% while changing to stockinette, to account for cable compression. On the sleeves, I did a version of long-tailed CO which creates the desired combination of knits and purls from the beginning. Oh and found a way to eliminate the pleats and still retain the design essentials. I’ll write in detail about that in a separate post. Finally, I changed it to a V-neck, continuing the cable panels up around the back neck to meet at the centre of the nape. I changed the cables a tiny bit too, adding an extra twist to the central ‘rope’ at the knot. And mirrored the central ‘rope’ on the two front panels, and the sleeves as well. The back is in plain stockinette, except where the neckband extensions from the front travel to the nape.

Hmm, that’s all, I think! It all went by in a blur while listening to an audiobook version of Ayala’s Angel by Trollope. I do like it!

A Golden Beginning

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  • 27 March 2015 at 3:33

    Wow, I’m envying your speed! Especially since other commitments have had me poking along with fiddly finishing work on a child-size sweater for over two weeks. So close! Just have to sew on the buttons now, but I have no thread of an appropriate color so there will be another excruciating delay.

    I am very curious what method you used for your 2×2 tubular cast on. I’ve tried instructions from a few different sources in the past and never been totally satisfied. All the methods I’ve used start as 1×1 and rearrange stitches at some point to make 2×2, but to my eye the rearrangement leaves a visible skew. Yours looks beautifully symmetrical. Maybe it’s my execution? Any tips?

    • 27 March 2015 at 5:08

      It is the one where you start with a 1×1 then rearrange them after the ‘tube’ has been formed. I think it’s important to start with a needle at least a couple of sizes smaller than the main needle, since that makes things neater. Other than that… I guess the blocking helps? I use the instructions from Ysolda’s site.

      • 29 March 2015 at 8:32

        Thanks 🙂 I’ll give it another go. I haven’t actually tried Ysolda’s method in a long time (when I was very new to tubular cast-ons), having been fiddling with some other variations. Time to get swatching and conquer the problem!

  • 27 March 2015 at 14:02

    Those cables are fabulous, and the colour you’ve used really glows. I love it.

    • 27 March 2015 at 16:09

      Thanks! I wish my camera could capture it accurately… it’s like a healthy orange-yellow egg yolk!


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