Here we go. I’ve finished both the front and back, and determined how many stitches will be left live in the centre of the Front and Back for the neck.

1. Bind off one side steek.


2. Flip the sweater inside out so the WS is facing you, and start working a three-needle BO for the first shoulder. Use a needle size slightly larger than sweater needles to avoid puckering. And yes, if you’re stuck at the beach without a larger needle, it’s legal to use a golf tee. Be sure that the last two stitches you bind off are purl stitches (ie, knit stitches on the RS).


3. Elongate the last stitch and pull the yarn ball through to seal the BO.


4. Flip the sweater right side out, work across the neck, and repeat steps 1 through 3 on the other side.

5. Knit across the neck to the shoulder which was bound off first. Since the last shoulder stitches you bound off were RS, knits (Step 2), the last stitch remaining on the neck before the shoulder BO will be a purl. Work that stitch, then pick up and knit a stitch from the shoulder BO point. Work across to other shoulder and pick up and knit a stitch. This will maintain a 1×1 rib across the entire neckline.

6. Finish with a tubular BO on the live neck stitches.

Shoulder and neck done! Gratuitous picture of luscious cables:


A Seamless Neck for the Ondawa

0 thoughts on “A Seamless Neck for the Ondawa

  • 21 February 2015 at 3:04

    I cannot wait to see the finished article!

  • 21 February 2015 at 3:14

    Yes, I eagerly await the FO photos, both because I am fascinated to see how all the modifications work together, and (I admit) because I want to go back and re-read these in-progress posts with a picture of the finished object in hand, since I’m not sure I’m entirely wrapping my head around every detail! But I enjoy seeing the process nonetheless, and my goodness those luscious cables are luscious. Mmm.


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