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Thank you  From the Purl Side for pointing out why this cardigan design has inexplicably narrow fronts!

I’m glad I made my adjustments to make the fronts meet, but the sleeves are still snug at the underarm! Not cut-off-circulation tight, but oh-dear-can-I-wear-anything-much-under-this tight. And that’s probably because the pattern has you start with raglan decreases immediately after the underarm bind off, instead of working an inch or so straight, without decreases.

Here’s a quick list of issues and solutions:

1. Fronts too narrow: add more in the stockinette section

2. Neck/bust too narrow: add and decrease more stitches in the reverse stockinette between cables. This and previous issue dealt with here. Without these adjustments, the fronts would have been a good 8 inches further apart than in the photos!

3. Front edge too floppy: yes, even after all my mods, I still found the fronts not quite right! Since the designer originally planned this with a buttonband, the 3 stitches which form a stockinette roll along the edges look decently neat, but are much longer than the side seams; longer open edge => edge swings open => more gaping! So I fixed it by picking up 2 stitches every 3 rows along the entire front edge, and then binding them off in the next row. Now it hangs well!

With all these mods, including pocket linings, I used up almost every bit of 2 skeins. My swatch was tiny (only 3″ wide) and I managed to spare its life, but it was a close call. To save more yarn I could have done the pocket linings in another yarn, but was really too lazy to go find a good match.

It is a beautiful garment, but if there’s a next time, I’m planning more mods in the underarm / raglan area.


Pattern: Aidez by Cirilia Rose
Yarn: Cascade Eco+; 100% wool; 437m = 250g; labeled as bulky but I found it more of a heavy worsted weight; 2 skeins; “Burgundy”
Needles: 5.5mm

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