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I used to often say hello to my Arisaig when putting away other clothes. I would pull it out to marvel at it.

Front small

I marveled at the smooth supple rib.

Rib small

I marveled at the lusciously drapey lace.

Lace small

I marveled at the tiny plump stitches.

And then I no longer marveled that after spending seven weeks on it, I rebelled at sewing in buttons! Knitting an adult size garment on 2.75mm needles is, well, not a rollicking ride of fun all the way. And now I especially do not marvel at it because, after all that, I had to give it away to the Brat. Because this is one of the first garments I modified, and the armholes turned out too small. But knitting this pattern, modified, really gave me the confidence to adapt other patterns, and helped me to see them as templates, to be shaped to my body every time. I used the very helpful Knitting Architect  which showed me how to break free from pattern obedience.

This is an old knit, but because I wanted to use the beautiful Chiara yarn for it, I decided to join Ravelry to look up yarn reviews. I suddenly got all nostalgic about it, hence this post!

Pattern: Arisaig
Yarn: Lana Grossa Chiara (yummy, haloed, luscious, absolutely worth it), about 1050m
Needles: 2.75mm
Mods: The ribbing really needs to be longer in the original pattern; I increased mine by 2” and now feel I should have done more. I also shortened the ties considerably – only 60” for the longest one.

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