A quick post to say, the back is done!


This is it unblocked. I did a quick steam block as recommended in the pattern, shaping it into a hexagon rather than a circle, and now the fabric has become beautifully light and drapey. Which is good, since I don’t want a stiff wheel on my torso!

As planned, I’m going to steek in the arm slits and a v-neck on the front since I don’t like the high crew neck of the original pattern. I’m keeping it very plan-as-you-go. I held up the back to my shoulders to see where the neck steek should begin, and will figure out exact bind-off stitch counts as I start the seeks. Onwards!

Behind the Cusp

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  • 23 December 2015 at 4:14

    Wow, it looks amazing, and our are making such quick progress with it.


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