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… of fingering weight cotton and skinny needles. I’ve just about had enough!

Did anyone realize I’ve only had one — that’s right, ONE!! — FO since I started knitting Vesper in February? And this from someone who wants to be a garment knitter, to make things that add to her wardrobe! ONE measly FO!

Oh all right, there’s also been travel to a couple of continents and work and general exhaustion but … ONE!          >:(    🙁     >:O         (I’m running out of smileys now). This is no smiley matter.

Yesterday, I was working on my Bottoms Up, admiring the neat tight lines of twisted knit columns, the perfect little yarn-over holes. The colour was as burstingly juicy as ever, the yarn still had it’s glossy sheen, all calculations were working out and I’d made some mods that made me feel mighty clever.

And suddenly, I was overtaken by a great and overwhelming frustration, a feeling that nothing was working or ever would. I stopped and checked my Ravelry projects page and discovered, to my horror, that I’d managed to finish only ONE garment since 27 February! No wonder, the feeling of frustration and lack of progress!

Desperate measures had to be taken. I took them:

An immediate yarn purchase.

I’m thinking of a series of blog posts, one a day, something on the lines of How to Knit (and Blog About) a Sweater in 10 Days (or Collapse Trying). I’m going to finish a sweater in the next 10 days, and post on progress every day. Of course I have to go to work, eat, sleep, interact with other members of my species and all that, but come on, it is aran weight yarn! Perhaps the universe could kindly cooperate and not send floods, visa queues, intercontinental flights and proposal deadlines my way, just for these 10 days? Thank you.

PS: I’m still planning to do those summer cotton tops – thank you for the suggestions! But I would like to get a quick FO out first. Small things don’t count. In my mind.

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