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And now for a shout out to some very special people — my lovely testers for Vrishti!

Thank you so much for your time and effort, for knitting from the pattern, pointing out errors, giving suggestions, helping and supporting each other, and generally being a wonderful group of people to work with!

Do check out their gorgeous projects here:

Dot12 made hers in a beautiful rustic brown:

DragonInk‘s deep blue-green is swoonworthy:

Eriassa‘s lace definition is so crisp and lovely:

hottann‘s gorgeous mango sweater was the first test sweater off the needles:

whiskeyknits‘ (also @whiskeyknits) pullover is such a pretty green:

Thank you, ladies!

If you’d like to knit your own, the pattern is available here.

And if you’d like to be one of the first to knit and wear this one…

… testing is open here


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