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After renouncing serial monogamy, what exactly am I? A poly-projectist? Perhaps in project planning, but not in the actual knitting, which was as monogamous as ever — I only ever worked on one project at a time. My move into daring poly-projectist debauchery was limited to having several projects cast on and ready to go.

Aidez only awaits a couple of seams, and is the last UFO of the previous project harem.


Who rotates into the harem next? I’m thinking:

 1. Adriatic in TML “Well Water”:  a pattern with a name like that can only be knitted in a colour like this. I have Plans, for it, though, these gorgeous shades of milky grey blue deserve a ton of stockinette to display the shimmering colours.


2. A cabled shrug of my own pattern in Malabrigo Lace “Polar Morn”. I’m undecided if I should just do it already, or use it to (painfully, limpingly) practice the lever knitting technique.


3. Beatnik in Berroco Blackstone Tweed “Plum Island”.


4. Finishing these sleeves turned legwarmers.

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