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This is so much fun,  it feels like I’m knitting backwards along a clock face as time moves forwards.

 2300 hours

small 11oclock

2100 hours

small 10oclock

1800 hours

small 06oclock

1600 hours

small 04oclock

1500 hours

small 03oclock

1400 hours

small 02oclock

1300 hours

small 1oclock

0000 hours!!

small 0oclock

I’ll admit it got a teeny bit tedious towards the end, but I pushed on, averaging 3.7 wedges per skein. This is the absolutely, utterly, soft and fuzzy Cascade Eco Highland Duo in “Toffee”. It’s soft and fuzzy and I know it will pill like mad. But I’m ready to dedicate the rest of its wearing life to constantly shaving it because the squish is WORTH IT!

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