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I’d had the Julia socks in my queue forever, and when I finally went to buy it, the pattern was discontinued!

Luckily, I found the stitch pattern in a Japanese stitch dictionary, and from other people’s project notes, figured out enough to knit my version in Malabrigo Sock “Tiziano Red”. It’s not exactly the same pattern — for one I’m working my socks over 60 st and not 80 — but close enough that I’m satisfied.

I’ll put up notes on the stitch pattern on my Ravelry project page, so that if you’re familiar with basic sock construction you can make your own version of the socks. Be warned though — I see now why the designer chose 80 sts and not 60. My socks, once on the leg, are so snug that the diamonds are quite stretched out! But I’m too lazy to rip out, so will just continue.

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