No, no, I haven’t gone and bought a kitten. That would be absolute mayhem! I’m talking about this yarn:


A subtle, dusty grey; Madelinetosh Merino Light in “Kitten”. After the high drama of the last FO, I decided to make something useful again, to plug a much needed and frequently identified gap in my wardrobe: simple inner layers. Pretty enough to be worn on their own in mildly chilly weather, but good for layering under thicker knits in the cold.

Every time I travel to Kenya or India, I promise myself (teeth clenched and shivering), “more light inner layers!” And then I return to warm humidity and forget. But not this time. This one’s going to be a Thermal (I confess to waves of nostalgia after looking at the issue containing Monkey; was the sock craze really nine whole years ago?) with stockinette sleeves for textural contrast. Everything shaped with CustomFit, of course.



0 thoughts on “Kitteh!!

  • 7 January 2016 at 20:15

    light layers are so ideal for chilly weather, I think the same thing every time I travel to England. I’m always convinced it will feel warmer than it does! That kitten colourway is a perfect neutral.

    • 8 January 2016 at 7:36

      Light layers are so important for places with no central heating! Even though actual temperatures are higher than snow-covered places, I feel much colder because of the cumulative effect of cold!

  • 8 January 2016 at 6:54

    Oh my! The color, the sheen – everything is perfect about this yarn!


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