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The answer to the universe’s biggest question is found in the number of loose ends to weave in on the back of my Burrard – 42.


The re-re-knitting on this is done, I have to weave in all those ends, block it, sew it up and work the collar. I normally do the collar before sewing in sleeves, but this one has saddle shoulders, so the whole thing will have to flop around on my lap while I knit the collar. Will I have enough yarn? How thrilling not to know! The whole sweater is now bigger, plus I lost some sections in the unravelling because of incorrect snipping of seams. So while I had lots of left over yarn the first time round, this time… I’m just saying that the swatch should fear for its life.

I also needed a palate cleanser, so I started an Epistropheid in left-overs from my Golden Dusseldorf sweater and some lovely pale cream yarn. I changed the brim to a twisted rib and love it already. That golden, healthy, yolk yellow!


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