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Quick note: this pattern is up for testing! If you’re interested, the link to the testing thread on Ravelry is here.

And now, time for a detailed pattern analysis on my Fennec pullover. I really loved the intriguing lines of cables and lace — although I have to say they look more like insect wings rather than a Fennec fox to me. That, however, is irrelevant; what is relevant is that I just couldn’t justify knitting this sweater.

Ever since my great knitwear purge of last year, I’ve found myself very conscious of picking extremely wearable knits. And I didn’t need this pattern in the form of a woollen pullover right now. But then I remembered:

  • Much as I love colour, I’ve realised the need for neutrals, and have been building them up in my wardrobe.
  • If I have to make something in a neutral colour, the other aspects (fabric, style, texture, yarn) have to be pretty spectacular to make up for the lack of colour — and this lace+cable pattern is nothing but spectacular.
  • I need a top that goes with my new black and white culottes (yes, this is such a shallow and frivolous reason).
  • I have three skeins of velvety soft, DK weight, pima cotton.
  • I need more summer tops.

It all comes together so perfectly, see?

I generated a close fitting pullover with CustomFit, and added extra stitches to the front to account for cable compression (the Sourcebook helpfully gives the stockinette equivalent of each cable pattern). Because I really wasn’t sure that I’d have enough yarn, I cast on provisionally, and will work the bottom downwards after everything else is finished. This top will have cap sleeves — nothing else will do for a black, summer garment! For an easy fit on the front only, I ignored the waist decreases and increases that cancelled each other out — and only did the extra increases. And added short rows, of course!

Now this lace pattern, it isn’t easy. Patterning occurs on the WS and RS, and I’ve caught a couple of minor errors on the chart. But having worked on fine gauge sweaters and socks for the last few months, I can’t believe that I’ve finished the back and am halfway through the front in about a week.

Black details don’t photograph well, but I promise a pretty FO picture at the end — with the new culottes of course!

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