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Over the last few days, I finished this:

I’m a little stunned, frankly. I keep looking at it, thinking “did I really make that?!”

It’s a very simple quilt, the equivalent of a … garter stitch hat, say, rather than a garter scarf. I mean, it’s not just rectangles sewn together, there are some triangles and diagonal lines. And if I continue quilting, I’m sure there will come a time when I’ll shake my head in amused wonder at being so stunned by this little baby gift. But for now, I’m quite enchanted!

As with all new crafts, there is a whole vocabulary to learn, assumptions to understand, pitfalls to avoid. I’ve been planning to make a quilt for years, and read up on the process voraciously, pinned pretty pictures to Pinterest, but never actually dived in. Why? Probably because I took the lazy way out of telling myself I needed to learn a little more, instead of doing. And then a deadline came up, a baby expected in March, and I took the plunge and committed myself by telling the mother I was going to give her a quilt. So here we are!

I’m going to gush a little, because all this is so new to me. So I’ll break it down over three post, to cover the:

a) Quilt Top, which is actually created with the art of patchwork
b) Quilt Back, which is basically a sheet of fabric with some embellishment
c) Quilting, which is an art in itself, and creates the puffy designs on the quilt

But for now, please admire the life cycle of the little fishie-wishies a little more!

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