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I had half a sleeve:

And then I didn’t:

Of course, ripping out the too-wide sleeve wasn’t necessary. I could have cut it apart down the shoulder line, after stabilising the edges, and seamed up the cut edges for a narrower width. But then the second sleeve wouldn’t match in drape and structure, since I would just knit it to the shorter width. I could then have knit it slightly wider than required, and repeated the cutting and sewing process to get a matching seam. But even I balked at that. Fixing a mistake is one thing, deliberately making a mistake to match the fix applied to a previous mistake is quite another.

So I ripped the sleeve, and have started to redo it narrower.

I have to confess, the sleeves have not been going smoothly. I started with a red stripe near the edge, then realised that picking up the neck ribbing in red (which was not negotiable) would make the neck area one giant red blotch. So I ripped out that stripe and restarted with grey. Then I realised that due to the difference between stitch and row gauge, the top of the shoulder line was ballooning out against the edges of the sleeves (which were forced to match 1:1 with the body triangle edge). So I added short rows to edges of the sleeve, to ensure the sides kept up with the centre. And now this: it was just too wide. It made the whole sweater longer in the torso, creating a really unflattering straight and clingy silhouette.

Sigh. At least, this time I think I’ve already made every possible mistake, and the sleeve is narrower, so it should go faster.

The Tiziano socks have progressed past the heel, and the Fennec top remains at the same stage.

But the quilt! Did you see I have a quilt?!

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