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Ages (ie, three years) ago, I started making batches of projects, planning ahead for the next few months. I think I even had a revoltingly cutesy name for them, referring to them as the “current project harem”. I can’t recall why I dropped the system, because it’s back, and it works!

Julia Socks are up to the gussets now. This is my small project.

The Sourcebook Fitted Pullover has a back almost ready. I’m rather afraid I’m going to run out of yarn, so will improvise by making the sleeves and bottom ribbing in black laceweight, if need be. Because I’m not going to order another skein to finish this; I have enough random scraps already. This is my mindless project.

The Stripey Chevroney Thing is so much fun! The best part of striping is that you get to see instant progress. I’ve almost finished the front triangle, and about to start the back. Then both will be put on one large circular and worked in the round. This is my pattern prototype project.

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