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This pattern is now for sale here!

(And you don’t need a Ravelry account to buy the pattern)

Trika comes from the root word for  ‘three’ in Sanskrit; and, through Indo-European roots, is related to all ‘tri-‘ prefix words in English — think triple, triangle, trio, triathlon and trilogy! I ran an informal contest in the South Asian Crafters group on Ravelry, and this was the winning name suggestion. Very appropriate, no?

The pullover starts with the saddles. The front and back shoulders are picked up from the edges of the saddles and worked downwards with neck shaping. Then the sleeves are picked up from the saddles and worked downwards too. The back is mostly stockinette, but the front kicks up the interest with scoop neck shaping, side shaping, and the central cable panel! Fortunately, you only have to keep track of two things at the same time.

I love modern drop sleeve shapes — unlike the gigantic rectangular boxes of the 80’s, modern silhouettes have shaped shoulders, drapey fabric and slim fit sleeves. I find them so wearable and stylish, and easy to coordinate with many styles of trousers and skirts.

It was a fun knit, and I enjoyed the pattern development process — even all those Excel sheets! Drop me a line if you’d like to know more!

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