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There are these frightfully organised knitters, who keep everything to do with one project – yarn, needles, notions, pattern – in one bag. The bag is usually pretty (no discarded grocery bags!), with coordinating linings and pull tabs and handles. I wanna be a frightfully organised knitter too!


So I made this box bag using this tutorial. There’s really nothing more for me to add; the tutorial is very well written and detailed. There is one part where you have to cut out squares of fabric and lift the cut edges together – incomprehensible while reading, but makes perfect sense when the bag is in front of you. I didn’t interface because I didn’t have any. The main fabric is leftover material from my skirt, the lining from the buttonband backing of this cardigan.


Wait, did I say I had nothing more to add? Actually, I do have an embarrassing confession: up to now I had no idea what pull tabs were for! Of course I saw them everywhere (except garments) and the name itself is rather a big clue. Pull tab; pull tab; p.u.l.l.t.a.b… what on earth could it mean?


Until today, when, guided by some unkown force, I grabbed the zipper with one hand and the pull tab with the other, moved my hands apart and… got it!

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