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A couple of quick projects, gifts for a dear friend:

seamas 1

Also, the realization that  sometimes you have to join the herd because the herd knows what it’s doing. The Berry Baby Hat has 5747 projects on Ravelry so far. And Saartje’s Booties has 13406.

I had to make some pattern changes to the hat since I used a yarn only half as thick as the one specified. That’s why I ended up with so many leaves. The booties are adorable, but have ELEVENTY MILLION loose ends, so I’m going to look for a more seamless construction if I make them again.

Pattern: Berry Baby Hat and Saartje’s Booties.
Yarn: Lanas Stop York Merino; 100 merino; sport weight; 122m = 50g; Orange and Green colours. I used most of the orange and about half of the green.
Needles: 2.75mm dpn.

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