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When the sky outside is swollen with beautiful purple clouds, my room needs a beautiful FO Rainbow!

You see, I’m such a product knitter, I felt compelled to do a performance review of my FOs. Were they worthy, functional additions to my wardrobe? Should I knit similar things again?

From left to right are my: Annis scarfette, Strawberry CarnabyGeodesicManuGarter mittsArrowheadDrops 103-1, Shimmer ArisaigAerangShifting SandsSeed Stitch ClocheBraided ScarfGreen VinesKatharine HepburnCandleflame beret, Raglan Style Kimono, Mermaid gloves, Blue Bamboo, Zigzag gloves, Eyelet top, Farmers Market I and II, Pomatomus, Deep-V vest and Hedera.

With no fear of being accused of undue modesty, I can safely declare some of those FOs are stellar pieces – they keep my shivery self warm (or cool, as the case may be) and look really good when worn! The patterns are thoughtful and stylish, usually in stockinette with a single outstanding element. These wardrobe superstars are the Strawberry Carnaby, Geodesic cardigan, Katharine Hepburn cardigan, Manu, Shifting Sands, Blue Bamboo, Green Vines, Raglan Style Kimono, Zigzag gloves, Pomatomus, Deep-V vest and Candleflame beret. I am definitely going to make more fingering weight cardigans, more berets in sculpted patterns, more knitted skirts in dense gauges!

The supporting cast is decent, but my modified versions could do with some improvement. The Arrowhead top needs longer sleeves; the Braided scarf leaves just that vulnerable triangle of skin at the throat exposed to the wind; Annis needs to have a broader triangle; Arisaig is beautiful but it was one of the first patterns I modified and the arm is uncomfortably tight. Oh well, lessons learnt.

The others in the picture are not field tested, but will be called to duty in the next few months. We will see how they do in the real world, away from loving petting and careful folding!

Not in the picture: various items gifted away or stored inaccessibly, and the black/grey FOs, which I couldn’t fit into the spectrum easily. Rainbow succession idea from this post. Aren’t the shawls lovely?

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