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Happy New Year, everyone! In today’s breaking news, the Cusp is done!!


I seriously think this is the most striking thing I’ve ever knitted. Almost everything else I’ve made fits into a sweater template — a regular shape with a variety of necklines and sleeves, in different textures and fabrics. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! But I didn’t feel like knitting more of the same and yeah Cusp was different!!

I’d been looking to make a poncho for a while now, but was a bit bored by all the existing patterns I could find. Cusp with its circular construction and intriguing sleeves was the answer.

However, all the modeled photos showed some odd bubbling at the biceps, as if they were too rounded. I solved that by making vertical arm slits along the side seams (instead of horizontal ones on the front piece, as in the pattern).P1090941

I also steeked in a V-neck since the crew neck in the original looked really incongruous.


I’ve got some more detailed thoughts on modifications on its Ravelry project page, but will leave you with a couple of shots of the quality inspector…


… and the back!


Pattern: Cusp
Yarn: Classic Elite Portland Tweed, 10 skeins, “Golden Green”
Ravelled here.

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