This, people, should begin with ominous music. Like The Conjuring. Or even The Shining.

After I blithely solved my previous problem by making a batting-backing-in-one, I was delighted! A few straight lines, I thought, and we’re done with the quilting! Nope. Quilting this blanket was quite a nightmare, because the two layers refused to move at the same pace through the machine. I would start with beautifully aligned fabrics, and end up with a giant bunch of top layer at the end, because the plush fabric zoomed through the machine faster, leaving ugly drag lines in its wake.

I sewed, unpicked, sewed, unpicked, over and over. It was horrible! I finally had to compromise by not taking the quilting lines all the way to the edges; that way, the bunched up top was less obvious.

Lessons Learnt:
a) Start with similar fabrics. Ie, cotton against cotton, or synthetic against synthetic. They will then feed through the machine better.
b) If using dissimilar fabrics, baste, baste, baste! Even putting safety pins 3 inches apart didn’t help. I think the only thing that would have worked is sprayed-on water soluble glue, so that the plush fabric’s entire surface was stuck to the top while quilting.
c) Start in the centre, and consider leaving the outer border unquilted, to disguise the bunching.
d) Buy a walking foot, that pushes the top fabric through the machine faster.

Anyway, after several hours of horror, The Quilting was done! And while I can’t help noticing every little error, I’m quite proud of it too. This was just the right little project to break through my inertia, and I know there will be more quilts in my future!

The Quilting

4 thoughts on “The Quilting

  • 22 March 2017 at 17:52

    It’s wonderful!! Well done!!
    I highly recommend a walking foot – will solve many dilemmas.

    • 23 March 2017 at 17:51

      Thanks! Yes, I think I’m going to stop being lazy, and just get myself to the shop to buy one!

  • 25 March 2017 at 4:31

    Agreed on the walking foot–and spray baste is a quilter’s best friend. It’s so nice for keeping everything smooth and stuck together! That being said, if you’re doing something really crazy with a weird backing fabric, I’d almost consider doubling down on the basting, and going for spray AND pins.

    • 25 March 2017 at 20:19

      Thanks for the advice! I’m learning so much as I go along.


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