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No, not that underarm BO.

If you’re ever feeling too lazy to  graft underarms,  join them with a 3 needle BO instead.

Using a new strand of yarn and leaving a 10″ tail, knit up the body stitches on needle and sleeve stitches on another.

Turn inside out; knit two stitches together, one from each needle. Knit the next two stitches together and pass the first one knitted over the last. Continue this way till the end. Leave a long tail and cut the yarn.

Use the tails to fix holes at the joining points. These stitches will most probably have become elongated while you knitted the yoke and tried on the sweater a thousand times. Stitch everything together neatly, duplicate stitching if necessary to make it all pretty. Weave in ends.

I have been doing other stuff, I promise! I’m making progress on the Tangled Vines cardigan…

and have added a few rows to the bottomless pit that is Bottoms Up.

And I’ve been sewing; very excited now! I think I’m finally going to have a wearable FO!

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