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Now and then, I may have mentioned on this blog that I am a product knitter.

Of course the process itself is important to me; I enjoy crafting very much, else I would just go buy sweaters from a shop. And among all other crafts I particularly enjoy knitting because it’s the perfect amalgamation of pretty colours, fun geometry, portability and spatial imaginings; it soothes my inner make-something itch; and I get something useful out of it. I will also admit that owning something more beautiful and flattering than everyone else’s clothes is very appealing to the shallow and frivolous part of my soul.

Most of that applies to sewing as well, although knitting is clearly my favourite of the two.

And that is why I have always made things I know I will wear. Some may not have worked out quite perfectly, thus all the knitwear culling a few months ago, accompanied by unblogged sewing projects’ culling, but that exercise helped me refine what I want and need from my me-made projects.

I want my wardrobe creations to be functional and beautiful. To me, ‘beautiful’ is a combination of striking, flattering, unique, luxurious and elegant. Only for clothes of course; I’m not that shallow! And ‘functional’ garments should  mix well with my existing (culled) wardrobe, reflect my style and taste, and fill identified gaps.

Now, everyone has their own happy spot on the spectrum of colour, ease, trendiness. Mine hovers towards more colourful, well fitted and classic. But increasingly, I’m leaning towards clothes that do not allow me to blend in – I like being noticed. This means that if I knit or sew with a neutral colour, there must be some element of intrigue through texture, style or notions. I really cannot imagine myself in an outfit where every element is neutral, shapeless, casual and laidback. Neither do I like bohemian, ultra-romantic, very girly, blingy, or super trendy styles. On me, of course – I have friends who carry off those styles very well.

I’m meandering, and will now come to the point: I looked, and looked, for inspiration online featuring how people incorporate their handmades into their real life, but found very little. There’s the Me-Made-May frenzy of course, but what about the rest of the year? What about travel where you have to pick a capsule for a different weather and culture? What about putting several me-mades into a single outfit without looking like a crazy crafting lady? What about making them work with RTW? What happens after the prettily styled FO post?

I have several ideas bouncing around in my head. Like travel capsules where I used my me-mades, with weather and culture information. Or quarterly roundups of most used me-mades with outfit pictures. The ideas are a little hazy right now, we’ll see what finally crystallises. Suggestions are welcome!


Actually, wait, I know what I’ll do first. A recent travel capsule wardrobe to a chilly place, great for lightweight sweaters. Here’s one of the outfits featuring my Thermal Kitten; I hope to have the whole post ready soon!


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