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Here’s the first sleeve of the pretty Whisper cardigan from Interweave Knits, Spring 2009:


And because the yarn colour is “Tiger Eye Mix“, I’m naming the project Tiger Whisperer.  Try and stop me!

I’m planning tons of mods — of course! I get lots of questions on Ravelry about my modifications to projects, so let’s do a pattern analysis, it’s been a while since the last one.

What is the construction? 
A tubular shrug knit cuff-to-cuff with a ribbing added around the bodice opening. And then, a cardigan back attached to the bottom of the ribbing.


  • Easy and flattering shrug construction — keep.
  • Light and delicate effect — keep, but knit with warm yarn so that it’s not useless as a cardigan.
  • Extremely flattering ribbing around body and neck opening — keep! Enhance by making it in twisted rib with a tubular or picot BO.


  • Fabric looks wrinkly and raw — I know many people loved precisely this about the pattern, but I hated it. I’m going to knit with a drapey yet warm yarn, at a gauge where stitches will look like fabric and not tissue paper.
  • Edges look raw — hate it! I’m loath to break the delicate lines of the garment with a rib or turned hem, so am going to try twined knitting at the cuffs and bottom of the back. At least, that was my intention when I drafted this post. Having tried it, I can state with great confidence that twined knitting most certainly does curl! So I’ve left the cast on provisional for now, and will probably do an i-cord BO at the end.
  • Short belled sleeves — very unflattering on me. I’m reducing the bell and making it longer. I’m a shivery person, particularly in air conditioning, and so have a strict agreement with my body against exposure on all peripherals. I keep it comfortable and it allows me to work without misery. Since the neck and front of this cardigan are open, I’ll need full sleeves.
  • Short wide body — looks like manta ray fins. No, no, no! Will elongate the body, make sure it’s attached further out in front to the ribbing and increase sides gently. Also, will add a rolled slip stitch edge for structure.


In short: The cardigan was designed as an breathy whisper. I’m going to turn it into a confident undertone.

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